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MTG decks : Mitotic Knights


I was tinkering how to break the Mitotic Manipulation card. My first tries were awfully bad, and so i came out with this kind of build. It’s not competitive, but i believe it’s fun to play.

Mitotic Manipulation is at least a 3 mana ramp spell, as it hits at least a land.
Sometimes you might hit their jace, or at best it will hit a knight exemplar or stoneforge mystic.


MTG Standard Deck : UW Proliferate V2


For teh first verion of the deck :UW proliferate v1.

After some testing i discovered the deck lacks something, mostly agains aggro. So  i had to change it a bit.

So the main combo is consisted of luminarch ascension and contagion clasp. Although clasp interacts very good with planeswalkers, they are features as a sub-theme here


MTG Standard Deck : UW Proliferate (testing)


I was testing this archetype for some time now (2 weeks), and it proves a good base.
However the result are quite mixed, as it is quite good agains control, in fact very good, but horrible against aggro decks with many reccurring threats like Vampires.

Here is the deck list:

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