Tourney standings, interesting matchups, best plays.

1. Adi Teodorescu (Vendilion Clique)
2. Ti Chase (Anowon, The ruin Sage)
3. Mihai Vlad (Teneb, The Harvester)
4. Cristi Ene (Ezzuri, Renegade Leader)

5. Gabriel Dan (Jenara, Asura of War)
6. Adi Carmaz (Wort, Boggart Auntie)
7. Marius Tamplaru (Ashling, The Pilgrim)
8. Leo (Maro)

Play-off (with Archenemy)
Semis :
Adi Teo 2:0 Cristi Ene
Mihai Vlad 1:2 Ti Chase

Mihai Vlad 2:0 Cristi Ene
Adi Teo 2:0 Ti Chase

Nice plays :
Round 1. T6 kill. Gabriel Dan killed Adi Carmaz with a shrouded, pumped Jenara on T5
Round 1. Cristi made almost 35 dmg to a player in a single combat step.

Round 2. Adi Teo, topdecks Tezzeret to bring Oblivion Stone, as Jenara was thretening to come and burn the house.

Round 3. Vendilion clique messes Teneb around. No chance (fewest spells played as Teneb player fered the counterspells)


Teneb at 1-0, makes some horrible plays and loses. (does not play a timely sunt titan, to bring bojuga bog and exile Anowon’s grave, and he proceeds to bring all creatures back from grave next turn).
Vendilion Clique, puts Ezuri on bottom several times. In game 2, Vendilion receives great help twice from Archenemy deck to survive an imminent death.

Vendilion Clique gets million mana very fast and locks the game. Game 2, it reshuffles library 3-4 times (with elixir), while Anowon removed his mindslaver/tezzeret/trinket mage core. Archenemy power plays are evenly distributed, Vendilion cliques is losing terrain.
Stabilizes with Spell burst and Jace. Gets greedy and loses advatage to a Archenemy card. Goes to 7. Stabilizes once more with Rite of Replication on a 5/5 Archenemy Dragon. 2 cards in hand, and after shuffle topdeck rite of replication. Makes 5 more dragons.
Last card drawn is a capsize that saves the day. Anowon played consume the spirit for 7, Vendilion bounced Venser with Capsize, and replayed it. Anowon had only 7 mana sources available, and facing next turn defeat.

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