Craiova Foiled EDH Championship

Asa cum am spus voi organiza periodic un campionat Magic the Gathering, format EDH in Craiova.

Premiile sunt in general carti foiled din diverse editii.

Editia 1 : Codename : Jace
Editia 2 : Codename : Sarkhan
Editia 3 : Codename : Liliana Vess
Editia 4 : Codename : Garruk

  • cristy ene
    #1 written by cristy ene  6 years ago

    adi faci o treaba excelenta.

  • Adi C
    #2 written by Adi C  6 years ago

    Wait! …codename … Jace !? … do i smell that fishy control matey ?

    By Neptun’s beard: NAY, i will not walk on your plank… i’d rather drink one thousand bottles of salty water :P

    role-play got me :(

  • scorpse
    #3 written by scorpse  6 years ago


    fiecare editie va avea un nume de planeswalker.

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