Sencha Touch 2.0—Built for Amazing Apps


Sencha Labs just released the version 2 of the Sencha touch, the JS Framework for the HTML5 and Mobile. Sadly, this is working only on webkit browsers, but they might get it to run on the others too. At first glace this looks amazing and i can;t wait to get my hands on trying to build something with it.

Ever since we first unveiled the original Sencha Touch, we’ve been raising expectations of what HTML5 apps can do. Almost two years ago, Sencha Touch pioneered a whole new way of creating mobile apps that run across multiple platforms with HTML5. Since then, HTML5 has become the most important advance in application development in the last decade. And today we’re proud to announce the release of Sencha Touch 2.0. We’re certain it will change the way you think about mobile apps.

Original Sencha Blog Post, here


And a mobile demo page : here

PHP project : Romanian EDH Group Site


I started working on what will be the Site for Romanian EDH Group.

It is a basic tool for recording EDH/Commander Tourneys.
From the features list, most notable are :

  • WER tourney parse (by file)
  • K-values ELO ratings for EDH
  • Maintained banlists for local group and sync with the MTGS and French 1v1
  • Decklisting
  • Discussion will be held on GamesStop forum
  • Sync with forum for any new imported data

This is going to be done in a LAMP environment : PHP 5.3.0, MYSQL 5.1.x, Apache 2.2.
First release candidate will be released after 16.01.2010.

For the time being we are looking for a designer to put some nice interface for this tool.

Air/Flex and PHP technology


I stumbled upon flex/air technology during work for a big french newspaper.
They needed a client app, for its reporters and editors, so they can edit those articles with some strict guidelines, and then send them to a server. Also they needed history.

Well, on normal basis, this can be doen fairly easy in PHP technology (or other web dev techs), by building a server app, putting an administration tool, and accessing it in web browser. Editors could use it very well, its a tested and proven concept.

Asus F5 RL

Asus F5 RL … still working


De ceva timp ma folosesc de acest laptop (Asus F5 RL) numele lui…Caesar.

Cand l-am luat nu era top gama, dar aveam nevoie de ceva care sa aiba un raport performanta pret bun.
Dup[a 1.5-2 ani..inca functioneaza la parametrii aproape optimi :D.
Desigur ca are facilitatile standard laptop : camera, wireless, dar si bluetooth, SD card reader.
Camera nu are o rezolutie extraordinara, insa e foarte rapida, iar cu softul incorporat se utilizeaza faorte usor, se incarca repede.

Alte specificatii : DVD writer, HDD 160 GB, 2Gb DDR.

Partea video e Ati x1100, cu 256ram (din DDR), care satisface suficiente nevoi grafice.

Projects: wp plugins


Started working on WP plugins.
Modifying them and started work on a new plugin, although it exists one already, but i wanted to be a little different.

will update and post it when it’s done.

now there are 3 plugins in development.

PHP OOP: Magic Methods : __call


working on a project that needed to load different tools (about 6 of them and never all of them), and using many modules, by demand, i needed to make a consistent call method to be used by all methods or other callers, and not affecting other.

Solution was using magic method in an parent class. i was already using __construct/__destruct methods; but now i needed __call, and, by a consistent way of doing things, __set and __get, but these will be covered some other time.

Accessing SSL resources using cURL in PHP


I will start a series of php tutorials regarding webservices, security, web requests.

They are not in any order, but as i see them fit, and as they come into my mind.

At some moment in time i had a use to access a SSL service using cURL.

As i could not acomplish that, after a few tries, i found out that the error was of an invalid certificate.

Aptana 3 BETA is out

0 the title says….Aptana 3 beta is out.

As i worked with aptana for over 1 year and a half, i cand say that it’s the IDE that i’m most used to it, as it’s ease of doing thing and mostly the packages that do anything you exceptional.

Lookign forward at what aptana 3 will bring.

As for me ,Aptana 2 features : CVS, SVN, (S)FTP, SSH, DB Integration (Quantum), JS validation and debug, PHP validation, and more.

so far in dev specs for Aptna 3 : Built-in terminal , GIT, deplyment wizard from Heroku (ftp and so on), Intgrated Debugger (ruby), more IDE customization, focus on RUBY platform; HTML, CSS and JS code assist

I do not seek ruby so far, but everyone seems to like it.

Wil lwait to see the impact.

Search Terms


ma uitam zilele acestea prin search terms si am vazut cateva interesante….

maxime despre regrete : de ce ar cauta cineva maxime despre regrete ?…mai bine  despre maxime regrete

cum sa ii castigi increderea iubitei : nu stiu….am incercat 3 ani fara succes.  Trebuia sa fie invers.

dragoste si razbunare : crima si pedeapsa. De obicei pedeapsa e casatoria :).

ce vad femeile la barbati : hmm..greu de raspuns. De la nimic pana la totul. Si nici atunci nu e suficient. Cel mai bine : ask a woman. Raspunsul e particular fiecareia.

cand o femeie spune te iubesc : de multe ori. Si de fiecare data inseamna altceva.

ce complexe au barbatii : multe. berea, dimensiunile, jocurile, timpul, trenuletzele, chelia. :))

cum sa testezi daca o femeie te iubeste? : Greu de aflat. Inchide-o si pe ea si pe cainele tau in portbagaj. Dupa 1 zi….cand deschizi portbagajul…ai sa vezi intr-adevar cine se bucura ca te vede .:D

Edit : Daca situatia ar fi putin difertia : Nu ar fi portbagaj ci o camera de hotel ******* in Abu-dhabi, NU ar fi 1 zi  ci o saptamana, si nu ar fi i caine ci Bradd Pitt, reactia ei …cand deschizi usa ar fi aceeasi .:)

poate un barbat iubi 2 femei la fel: femeile sa fie la fel ? Imposibil. Sau el sa le iubeasca la fel ? Imposibil.

un barbat poate iubi doua femei?: Cel putin 2. Dar nu la fel.

mirese moarte: nu e moarta. Incearca peste vreo 50 de ani.

care este masina sptamanii: aia pe care o ai.

dinti lipiti pe dinti: culimbi am incercat…cu dinti nu. Sincer ma feresc.

Maxime (probleme)


Problemele mele sunt mai importante , pentru ca sunt ale mele !!! (Ally Mcbeal)


Merita oare sa iti iei capul un moment de la problemele proprii si sa ajuti pe altii cu problem..fie ele chiar asemanatoare ? Merita efortul, stiind ca poate acela nu isi va da seama ca tu ai facut un sacrificiu pentru a-l ajuta ? Sau e mai sa faci tot ce poti pentru tine si sa ignori problemele celorlari…doar ale tale sunt importante ?

Nu ne referim aici la cuplu… in mod generic….prieten, familie, cunostinta, necunoscut sau chiar dusman( btw: exista dusmani ?)….

Merita problemele celorlati, timpul si energia mea intr-o perioada in care si eu am probleme ? Chiar curios……..

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