PHP OOP: Magic Methods : __call


working on a project that needed to load different tools (about 6 of them and never all of them), and using many modules, by demand, i needed to make a consistent call method to be used by all methods or other callers, and not affecting other.

Solution was using magic method in an parent class. i was already using __construct/__destruct methods; but now i needed __call, and, by a consistent way of doing things, __set and __get, but these will be covered some other time.

Accessing SSL resources using cURL in PHP


I will start a series of php tutorials regarding webservices, security, web requests.

They are not in any order, but as i see them fit, and as they come into my mind.

At some moment in time i had a use to access a SSL service using cURL.

As i could not acomplish that, after a few tries, i found out that the error was of an invalid certificate.

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