PHP project : Romanian EDH Group Site


I started working on what will be the Site for Romanian EDH Group.

It is a basic tool for recording EDH/Commander Tourneys.
From the features list, most notable are :

  • WER tourney parse (by file)
  • K-values ELO ratings for EDH
  • Maintained banlists for local group and sync with the MTGS and French 1v1
  • Decklisting
  • Discussion will be held on GamesStop forum
  • Sync with forum for any new imported data

This is going to be done in a LAMP environment : PHP 5.3.0, MYSQL 5.1.x, Apache 2.2.
First release candidate will be released after 16.01.2010.

For the time being we are looking for a designer to put some nice interface for this tool.

Air/Flex and PHP technology


I stumbled upon flex/air technology during work for a big french newspaper.
They needed a client app, for its reporters and editors, so they can edit those articles with some strict guidelines, and then send them to a server. Also they needed history.

Well, on normal basis, this can be doen fairly easy in PHP technology (or other web dev techs), by building a server app, putting an administration tool, and accessing it in web browser. Editors could use it very well, its a tested and proven concept.

Projects: wp plugins


Started working on WP plugins.
Modifying them and started work on a new plugin, although it exists one already, but i wanted to be a little different.

will update and post it when it’s done.

now there are 3 plugins in development.

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