Edh Decks: Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero



I recently discovered the awesomeness of this deck. So i wanted to give it a try. It is a blast in 1v1 as the opponent does not know what to expect. It is a fun deck to play in 1v1, but it is quite miserably in multiplayer. Sometimes if you are under the radar you might get some good final hits or end the misery of some players, thus snatching some kill player points.


1. You can win by pure creature attacks, as Lin Sivvi bring lots of creatures pretty fast.

2. You can gain infinite life with the help of Task Force targeted by Outrider en-Kor with  Animal Boneyard | Miren, the Moaning Well | Diamond Valley and Test of Endurance

This is a creature deck, and is quite resilient to almost all kind of destroy effects. It can rebuild quite quickly and can be devastating with an Armageddon or Ravages of War.

Playing this deck is pretty straight forward, and the idea is to use put up an attacking force fast (using lin sivvi). Most deck will try to develop their mana during those turns and that’s why the deck has that many artifact/enchantment removal spells.


Edh Decks : Oona, Queen of the Fae



One of my favorite decks to play, and one that is very powerful. This has the ability to steal games out of nowhere, or to control them from the beginning. However i do believe that the best strategy to play this deck is to wait in the shadow with as minimum interaction and win out of nowhere. This deck is build as such, as to increase the resources and only use counter to protect self, or the combo.


This deck has a few winning combos :

1. Infinite Mana + Oona is the best combo.

2. Leyline of the void and helm of obedience. When Helm is activated, target player puts the top card of his library in the graveyard. You will repeat this process until you get a creature in the graveyard, or X cards (X used to pay for ability). At this moment Helm will be sacrificed. With Leyline out, neither of the 2 conditions could be fulfilled, and the repeat will go on until all of that player’s graveyard is removed. Helm would not be sacrificed and if you have un untap effect for it (Tezzeret the seeker) you can do it again. (more…)

Edh Decks : Azusa, Lost but seeking



I like Azusa for her shher power of outracing other decks. She can ramp up consistently and get the big plays faster.
Because Azusa is a quite fragile commander, she is not guaranteed to stay alive too much. However because her effect can be used immediately, without any intervention from any opponents, gettign her into play very fast is a key here.

In normal games i keep hand with 5+ lands, without Sol Ring or Mana crypt. If you have a 3+ lander and Mana crypt, playing Azusa on the very first turn is insane. That means that next turn you have access at at least 5 mana.
Winning with Azusa is not easy. main win conditions would be Genesis Wave. Power out a big genesis wave, hit Akroma’s Memorial and other creature generators and win by sheer attack and damage :
Kamahl, fist of Krosa would overrun any opponents, Rampaging baloths with several lands will power many beasts, Rude awakening would help you float mana and pump overuns. Also Craterhoof Behemoth will kill anyone that is unprepared.


Edh Decks : Kaalia of the Vast



Kaalia is one of the most strange type of effects in EDH.It has a great possibility of breaking through the gates with great creatures that will take down the game.

I always liked Kaalia and wanted to have a good list both for multilayer and 1v1. This is because we sometimes keep both kind of tourneys in the same day. It is challenging and fun.

About the deck.

For single player you want to fast kill your opponents. This means that you have to get Kaalia out quickly and bash with it. You need some creatures in starting hand, but not to many as the hand become clogged.

For multiplayer, you need resiliency, and that’s why this deck is based on reanimating stuff over and over.

I believe that 36 lands and some artifact ramp will do ok. The lands are spread out the entire colors of mana and will fix them ok.

Kaalia’s power stands in her attack phase. This means that you need to attack with her as soon as possible. In the first it was paired with Anger and Entomb. But having a mountain proved to be difficult. Now i am using a triad of artifacts that makes her hasty : Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot boots and Ring of Valkas. You’d like one of these early on, and also another big creature in hand. These artifact also protects kaalia from targeted removal, and in addition, the Darksteel plate will protect her of the mass removal. Also good with your Obliterate.

Some tutoring is in the form of Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Shred Memory, Enlightened tutor and Tithe. Also Rune-scarred Demon provides same as Demonic Tutor. Liliana Vess provides a different card advantage, and it’s here becasue of versatility.


EDH: Grand Arbiter IV


I wanted to play with a new kind of control, and i chose Grand Arbiter IV. I do not play a death&taxes style of play, but a pure control style.

The deck


Grand Arbiter Augustin IV


Decklists: BR BloodChief Ascension


Once in the world of Alara and Zendikar, i made this deck, and i won several fnm’s with it. It was quite fun to play, and it was faster than many other back in that format. The sole real opponent was the Jund. It also had a very low cost to build.

As with the new standard environment, Alara is out and Scars is in.
The biggest loss is of course blightning.

But i still do like the synergies in this deck and made a new version out of it :

Decklists : WW Quest


When i first stumbled upon this deck, i was impressed. I always loved the combo decks, but this one mesmerized me by its simplicity. However the gaming decision are not that simple as they seem. There are some very hard decision to make when playing this deck, depending of the gamestate or opponent.

I had mixed result with it, and finally dropped it out of favor. Even if i played 20 lands, and sometimes sided 1 land out, i was mana flooded. I never kept a land with more than 3 lands, but latest the game of Magic hates me.

This is the list i have played:

Decklists : Brilliant Ultimatum – ex-Standard and new Extended.


I personally liked this deck. It suited my playing style quite good. Using a control-combo deck that can win in style, while it clears the path.

Build up mana and use brilliant, try to find emrakul or another win con (Iona, Nicol Bolas). Time warp is there to ensure another land drop faster. Also Pathing your wall is very good to ensure another land drop, thus fastening the process.
This is the deck that i played for some time during last standard, before rotation (Alara and Zen).


MTG Standard Deck : UW Proliferate V2


For teh first verion of the deck :UW proliferate v1.

After some testing i discovered the deck lacks something, mostly agains aggro. So  i had to change it a bit.

So the main combo is consisted of luminarch ascension and contagion clasp. Although clasp interacts very good with planeswalkers, they are features as a sub-theme here


MTG Standard Deck : UW Proliferate (testing)


I was testing this archetype for some time now (2 weeks), and it proves a good base.
However the result are quite mixed, as it is quite good agains control, in fact very good, but horrible against aggro decks with many reccurring threats like Vampires.

Here is the deck list:

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