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kells – La Sphère & other 2 clips



Archenemy – My Apocalypse


the awkward moment when Angela has more balls then all of One Direction


Programmers are bad at estimating


I red an interesting view about a programmer’s estimating abilities :

An experienced project manager I used to work with claimed that he took the programmers’ time estimates, multiplied by pi and converted to the next time magnitude to get the true number. 1 day converts to 3.14 weeks. He had learned the hard way that programmers are bad at estimating times. To get a more precise conversion, I’ve created a translation table for programmers’ time estimations, trying to narrow down where things go wrong.



Read more here : http://architects.dzone.com/programmers-are-bad-estimating

Umusic.ro si ai lor angajati minune


Ieri primesc un email :

Buna ziua,

Ma numesc Emmanuel Deaconu, fac parte din departamentul de Marketing al Universal Music Romania.
Ati primit acest mail in scopul unei actualizari a bazei de date.
Daca mailul dvs. este in continuare valabil astept un reply ca sa va pot adauga in baza de date pentru viitoare anunturi si stiri.

O zi buna

Emmanuel Deaconu
Universal Music Romania
G-ral Dona, nr 16, sector1
Tel: 021 313 0803
Mob: +40741 044 722

Toate bune. Daca nu ar fi fost trimis la 260 de insi. Toti in campul TO. Si apoi cat de idiot sa fi ca sa ceri de la clienti re actualizarea bazei de date. E multi elegant sa trimiti un mail cu return-receipt (majoritatea dau ok) si sa astepti. Un (unu, one, 1) mail, individual, nu la gramada.

Ii dau reply tipului si ii spun sa ma scoata din toate bazele de date pe care el are si sa nu mai foloseasca TO si CC, sa invete a folosi BCC.

A inteles. Pana cand a trimis un nou email. Ma rog, nu a trimis el, insa foloseste M$ Exchange Server, si desteptul a aflat de optiunea Recall. Dar nu a aflat de RTFM sau GIYF. So READ THE FUCKING MANUAL….. si ai fi alfat ca :

This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange. The recipient of the mail you want to recall must also be using an Exchange server e-mail account. For example, you cannot recall a message sent to someone’s personal Internet service provider (ISP) POP3 e-mail account.

Evident cand a dat recall, a dat recall pe mailul anterior si recallul s-a trimis. Evident la cei 260 de oameni. EU oricum nu vreau adresa mea de email distribuita absolut gratuit la cei 260+ clienti ai umusic. De fapt eu nici nu stiu ce legatura am cu umusic. Nu cumpar muzica in ro. Doar de la  Napalm Records sau de la Nuclear Blast.

Ca tot veni vorba de Napalm Records : Am comandat saptaman trecuta albumul Moonspell – Alpha Black/Omega Noir si a venit in 3 zile. (transport 6E). Ca un curier. Plus o procesare de comanda very fast.
Recomand albumul, precum si altele de al ei precum Arkona.

Sencha Touch 2.0—Built for Amazing Apps


Sencha Labs just released the version 2 of the Sencha touch, the JS Framework for the HTML5 and Mobile. Sadly, this is working only on webkit browsers, but they might get it to run on the others too. At first glace this looks amazing and i can;t wait to get my hands on trying to build something with it.

Ever since we first unveiled the original Sencha Touch, we’ve been raising expectations of what HTML5 apps can do. Almost two years ago, Sencha Touch pioneered a whole new way of creating mobile apps that run across multiple platforms with HTML5. Since then, HTML5 has become the most important advance in application development in the last decade. And today we’re proud to announce the release of Sencha Touch 2.0. We’re certain it will change the way you think about mobile apps.

Original Sencha Blog Post, here


And a mobile demo page : here

Gaming Jokes #1



Funny: Mark McCollum – Kill The Wabbit


Like this so much :d

Metal Review / Videos v4


Browsing through Youtube’s playlists of death metal i was impressed with this band: THE AGONIST.

They sing a melodic death metal, where Alissa uses both vocals(clean) and death growls.


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