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[Romania] [GamesStop] PTQ Dragonmaze Bucharest 23.02.2013


On February 23rd GameSStop will organize the second PTQ held in Romania.

As it should be expected, we already seen interest also from the comunities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, hence this message/post is exclusively in English.

General Eligibility:
Players who have won a Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Qualifier may not compete in further Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Qualifiers (including Magic Online Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Qualifiers).

Players with a 2012-2013 Pro Tour Players Club Platinum level may not compete in Pro Tour Qualifiers (effective after May 14, 2012).
All other players may participate in Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Qualifiers.

Tournament format:
Modern Constructed 


A judge’s Life : GP Bilbao



Bilbao GP was an adventure that i cannot forget.

I knew that the city had a Guggenheim Museum, so i booked a flight that would arrive Thursday morning so that i can visit the city.

Unfortunately, things would go a different way.

Long story short: (more…)

MTG Judge Fun: Layers



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