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In this moment – Blood



kells – La Sphère & other 2 clips




Edh Decks: Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero



I recently discovered the awesomeness of this deck. So i wanted to give it a try. It is a blast in 1v1 as the opponent does not know what to expect. It is a fun deck to play in 1v1, but it is quite miserably in multiplayer. Sometimes if you are under the radar you might get some good final hits or end the misery of some players, thus snatching some kill player points.


1. You can win by pure creature attacks, as Lin Sivvi bring lots of creatures pretty fast.

2. You can gain infinite life with the help of Task Force targeted by Outrider en-Kor with  Animal Boneyard | Miren, the Moaning Well | Diamond Valley and Test of Endurance

This is a creature deck, and is quite resilient to almost all kind of destroy effects. It can rebuild quite quickly and can be devastating with an Armageddon or Ravages of War.

Playing this deck is pretty straight forward, and the idea is to use put up an attacking force fast (using lin sivvi). Most deck will try to develop their mana during those turns and that’s why the deck has that many artifact/enchantment removal spells.



Archenemy – My Apocalypse


the awkward moment when Angela has more balls then all of One Direction


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