The following is a list of potential countries that will have national teams competing at the 2013 World Magic Cup and the minimum number Yearly Award Points at the conclusion of the 2013 Yearly Award Season (April 2, 2012 through March 17, 2013) needed to be qualified to compete in that country’s 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers.

Any country that does not have at least 40 players meet the number of required points by February 8, 2013 will be removed from this list and (a) will not have representation at the 2013 World Magic Cup and (b) will not have 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers run in that country.

For complete information on the World Magic Cup and World Magic Cup Qualifiers, please check the Premier Event Invitation Policy.

Country Points Required
Argentina 300
Australia 300
Austria 300
Belarus 100
Belgium 300
Bolivia 100
Brazil 300
Bulgaria 100
Canada 500
Chile 200
China 300
Chinese Taipei 200
Colombia 100
Costa Rica 100
Croatia 100
Cyprus 100
Czech Republic 300
Denmark 200
Dominican Republic 100
Ecuador 100
El Salvador 100
England 300
Estonia 100
Finland 200
France 500
Germany 500
Greece 300
Guatemala 100
Hong Kong 200
Hungary 200
Iceland 100
Indonesia 100
Ireland 100
Israel 100
Italy 500
Japan 500
Country Points Required
Latvia 100
Lithuania 100
Luxembourg 100
Macedonia 100
Malaysia 200
Mexico 300
Netherlands 300
New Zealand 200
Northern Ireland 100
Norway 200
Panama 100
Peru 100
Philippines 300
Poland 300
Portugal 300
Puerto Rico 100
Romania 100
Russian Federation 300
Scotland 100
Serbia 100
Singapore 200
Slovak Republic 200
Slovenia 100
South Africa 200
South Korea 200
Spain 500
Sweden 300
Switzerland 200
Thailand 200
Turkey 100
Ukraine 200
United States 500
Uruguay 100
Venezuela 100
Wales 100


World Magic Cup Qualifiers are invitation-only tournaments. These Premier Events will
be held in countries that have been selected to have national teams compete at the World
Magic Cup.


A player that has already qualified and received an invitation to the World Magic Cup
may not compete in further World Magic Cup Qualifiers that award invitations to that
year’s World Magic Cup.


Each country’s World Magic Cup Qualifiers are open only to those qualified players
who are citizens or have been residents of that country since January 1, of the then
current year. If a player competes in a World Magic Cup Qualifier in one country, he or
she may not compete in a World Magic Cup Qualifier (or be a member of a national
team) of another country until the following year. Please see Section 4 – Residential
Eligibility for complete information.


The invitation list for each country’s 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier will consist of
the following players:
• Players in the 2013 Yearly Award Points Season that have met the minimum
amount of points for that country. The number of points required for each
country can be found in Appendix D.
• Players from that country with 2012-2013 Pro Tour Players Club Silver, Gold, or
Platinum level.
• Players (from that country) that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.