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Blood Moon Effect


Modern tricky cards. I found a very interesting article about modern cards, written by a judge explaining how the effects are applied.
Forwarder from article by Irina Samonova.








It is surprising how a card with only four words in the rules text can be so confusing. And it’s all because these four words change types. Let’s take a closer look at it.

We shall start with understanding which lands Blood Moon affects and which stay unaffected.

It’s simple. If you see the word “Basic” in the land’s type line, the land is basic, otherwise the land is nonbasic. Granting a basic land type to a land isn’t related to it being basic or nonbasic. By the way, the name of the land has nothing to do with its supertype* either.

Daily Music Clip : Arkona Yarilo


More details : Arkona

In This Moment : Release BLOOD


In this moment released new album Blood.

This looks great, and i just can’t wait for it to arrive.  Order it here : CM


Magic the Gathering 2013 MWCQ Thresholds


The following is a list of potential countries that will have national teams competing at the 2013 World Magic Cup and the minimum number Yearly Award Points at the conclusion of the 2013 Yearly Award Season (April 2, 2012 through March 17, 2013) needed to be qualified to compete in that country’s 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers.

Any country that does not have at least 40 players meet the number of required points by February 8, 2013 will be removed from this list and (a) will not have representation at the 2013 World Magic Cup and (b) will not have 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers run in that country.

For complete information on the World Magic Cup and World Magic Cup Qualifiers, please check the Premier Event Invitation Policy. (more…)

Programmers are bad at estimating


I red an interesting view about a programmer’s estimating abilities :

An experienced project manager I used to work with claimed that he took the programmers’ time estimates, multiplied by pi and converted to the next time magnitude to get the true number. 1 day converts to 3.14 weeks. He had learned the hard way that programmers are bad at estimating times. To get a more precise conversion, I’ve created a translation table for programmers’ time estimations, trying to narrow down where things go wrong.



Read more here :

Edh Decks : Oona, Queen of the Fae



One of my favorite decks to play, and one that is very powerful. This has the ability to steal games out of nowhere, or to control them from the beginning. However i do believe that the best strategy to play this deck is to wait in the shadow with as minimum interaction and win out of nowhere. This deck is build as such, as to increase the resources and only use counter to protect self, or the combo.


This deck has a few winning combos :

1. Infinite Mana + Oona is the best combo.

2. Leyline of the void and helm of obedience. When Helm is activated, target player puts the top card of his library in the graveyard. You will repeat this process until you get a creature in the graveyard, or X cards (X used to pay for ability). At this moment Helm will be sacrificed. With Leyline out, neither of the 2 conditions could be fulfilled, and the repeat will go on until all of that player’s graveyard is removed. Helm would not be sacrificed and if you have un untap effect for it (Tezzeret the seeker) you can do it again. (more…)

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