GPT Report 23 June Sofia

Because in my area people do not play legacy, i was talking with Ivan (TO in Sofia) and promised him that any time he makes a legacy tourney i will  be there (383Km). So he scheduled a Legacy tourney and i was up for it. I decided i want to play RUG Delver,  (even if i was more experienced with merfolks, 6 out of 10 tourneys played them). I first sketched a deck that contained Edric, Spymaster of trest. However, that card proved subpar in testing and soon dropped. After oen week of testing i decided to use the following list :

Lands (19)
Misty Rainforest
Scalding Tarn
Tropical Island
Volcanic Island

Creatures (14)
Delver of Secrets
Nimble Mongoose
Scavenging Ooze
Snapcaster Mage

Spells (28)
Chain Lightning
Lightning Bolt
Spell Pierce
Spell Snare
Fire // Ice
Force of Will
Sideboard: (15)
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Grafdigger’s Cage
Grim Lavamancer
Mind Harness
Red Elemental Blast
Surgical Extraction
Ancient Grudge
Gilded Drake

I never liked forked bolt in this deck so i decided to play 1 Fire // Ice and 1 Snapcaster Mage over those. Also i had teh 61st card, a spell snare that i decided would be useful.

Sideboard choices are a little strange, because i forgot to bring a second Ooze, any crypts or more submerges. So i settled with something that i made then. I used Jacem because i was in a great fear against the reanimator deck, and liked the idea of Gilding-Jacing Threats.

All of that, and a almost unhappy accident, that i forgot the deck at the play location in bucharest, but i was called by  a friend that lend me the duals and tarmos and had back to retrieve it.

This being said i left Bucharest at 6am and was in Sofia at half past 11. Wrote the deck, and started scouting. I’ve seen many UW and monoreds, deck i wasn’t uncomfortable against but not that well tested.

!4 player registered for the event and we were good to go with 5 rounds of swiss and cut to top4.

Round 1, i was paired against reanimator. I lost G1 because i thought i can race a 7/7 lifelink flyer. :d. Games 2 and 3, he had the Show and Tell (predictable), and i had Gilded Drakes. I also stifled some activations of Griselbrand.
Sideboard was something like : -4 Nimble Mongoose,-1 Chain Lightning, -1 Spell snare, -1 Delver of secrets, +2 Gilded Drake, +1 Cage, +1 Jace, +2 Pyroblasts, +1REB (had to keep stifle in for his fetches and the Griselbrand draw, adding red counterspell against his fow and show and tells).

Round 2 : Monored.
He gets me in G1 with a timed Price of Progress. Card that i forgot it existed. I win game 2 and 3 after keeping hands with 2-3 tarmos and enough counterspells. That was a good match because he was playing the Great Furnace / Shrapnel blast , and my wastelands are not useless. Also i always kept at least 1 wasteland untampped, in case of another price of progress. (Thsi deck can work in 1 land).

Round 3 :Bant Shroud.

He was playing something like 4 bops, 4 noble hierarchs and Geist of Saint Traft and Troll Ascetic. First game i was on with the countermagic and a flipped delver. Tarmogoyf joined soon after and he was out. Game 2 he sided out his counterspells while i brought Pyroblasts and REB. I locked him put of the game with 3 wastelands that kept him off colors for enough time  that my mongooses won the game.

Round 4: ID with Monored.

Round 5: TPS. I offered him the draw, but he had poor tiebreakers and he choose to play. However this matchup is well favoured for RUG as it has all it needs in the maindeck. I did not break a sweat and won easily. We decided to report ID. I ws already in top.

Top4 consisted of the Monored i drew with, a merfolk (i did not knew that) and 2 RUG Delvers.

I was paired agaisnt Merfolk, but i knew the player and he likes that tribe, but i was not sure of that, but still played as against merfolk.

G1: he mulls to 5. I win. In this matchup, both deck are tempoish and need cards. Less cards is a true disadvantage.

G2: i mull to 5, i am almost in a spot where i can turn the tide, but he keeps top decking like o god.

G3: I have an average hand, and he does not draw double blue, and i waste him away and keep him at 2 lands. he draws the island but it is already too late.

Finals. Monored.

He had already beaten up 2 delvers today and he was very confident.

G1. I win quite easily, anticipating his Price of Progress and always keeping wastelands and fetches up. He is playing Keldon marauders type of monored.

G2. i have a mediocre hand and lose. I misjudged his mana and tried to bolt a figure of destiny. I was wrong.

G3. He has Goblin guide, he gives me a land, i have mind harness, and stifle for hist suspended bolt. he burns his own Guide as it was the only creature that he could (i had 2 mongooses). I drew good counterspells and manage to win, with a healthy life total (7+). He needed at elast 3 bur spells to kill me.

After match i realized i will not be at Ghent and dropped out of the tournament (so he gets the win). This is acceptable in singe elimination, and it the way to decide the finals if any player does not want to go further. Just conceding, might be treated as a bribery accusation and should be investigated.

Anyway as a real 6-0-1 record with the deck i feel quite good. For the first time i played that deck in a tourney, and the first time i leave merfolks and fishes home.

Changes :  I really wanted to fit Seasinger in the deck, and next time i might give it a try. It is good against reanimator, and merfolks, and opposing rug Tarmos.

Also Jace was nothing that a moral support, and i never cast him in that tourney. I also wan a second Scavenging Ooze, in teh sideboard, and drop the lavamancer. Also I was very happy with fire // ice, as it kept tapped a perm or acting as an instant forked bolt.