On the 26th of May the WMC Qualifier #1 was held in Iasi at Lex Store.
There were a total of 12 players who showed up for this event.

After 5 swiss rounds, the top decks were : Birthing Zombies, RG Ramp, RG Aggro and SunFlare.

In the Semi’s Zombies defeated SunFlare on a quite disputed match, and RG ramp defeted RG Agrro, where if the RGA would not mulligan at 5 in game 3, the result could have been totally different.

In the Finals, Zombies defeated RG Ramp quite easily, where Game 1 multiple Phyrexian obliterator’s sealed the match quite fast. Second game was a little more challenging, but the blood artists sealed the deal.

Congrats to the first Winner of the Qualifiers, Sebastian Mahu.

This week on 2nd of June, WMCQ – Bucharest will take place. Also on 3rd of June there will be a Return To Ravnica PTQ.