Sencha Labs just released the version 2 of the Sencha touch, the JS Framework for the HTML5 and Mobile. Sadly, this is working only on webkit browsers, but they might get it to run on the others too. At first glace this looks amazing and i can;t wait to get my hands on trying to build something with it.

Ever since we first unveiled the original Sencha Touch, we’ve been raising expectations of what HTML5 apps can do. Almost two years ago, Sencha Touch pioneered a whole new way of creating mobile apps that run across multiple platforms with HTML5. Since then, HTML5 has become the most important advance in application development in the last decade. And today we’re proud to announce the release of Sencha Touch 2.0. We’re certain it will change the way you think about mobile apps.

Original Sencha Blog Post, here


And a mobile demo page : here