DKA gameday was announced and i was very excited about that playmat. I did not want anything else than that playmat.
SO, for one week i was thinking how to get that playmat, and if the player that will win it will give or trade it away.

Nevertheless, together with another 2 friends we gathered at one’s house to have a EDH night. After we had soem interesting EDH planechase matches we started doing some deck techs for the gameday.
One of us wanted to play his solar flare, i came with a naya pod, and the other wanted a venser/bant pod. I talked him out of it, and we both built a naya pod (similar to lucas blohon’s).

The list was this :

Naya Pod

Lands (24)
Razorverge Thicket
Gavony Township
Kessig Wolf Run
Sunpetal Grove
Rootbound Craag
Copperline Gorge

Creatures (30)
Birds of Paradise
Llanowar Elves
Avacyn’s Pilgrim
Strangleroot Geist
Viridian Emissary
Blade Splicer
Fiend Hunter
Huntmaster of the Fells
Solemn Simulacrum
Phyrexian Metamorph
Archon of Justice
Razor Hippogriff
Acidic Slime
Inferno Titan
Sun Titan
Wurmcoil Engine
Elesh Norn

Spells (6)
Birthing Pod
Oblivion Ring
Sideboard (15)
Hero of Bladehold
Thrun, the last troll
Ratchet Bomb
Sword of feast and Famine
Razor Hippogriff
Phyrexian Metamorph
Nihil Spellbomb
Timely Reinforcements
Ancient Grudge
Acidic Slime
Tree of Redemption

We argued a little about the sideboard, but finally we were left to 2 choices and we opted for timely. I somehow wanted something else because i never sideboarded those in…and another grudge and a Mimic Vat would have been better.
We started Mortal Kombat for the time left. It was the first time i played that game or on a console. It was 6AM when we realized that we have to sleep.
We slept about 3 hours and we got up to get to the site.

We were the first players that got there, and i was also the judge on duty for the tourney. When the tourney started there were about 20 players.

The matches:


Round 1: Naya Pod

The first round i was paired against my friend that was also playing naya pod. He won the match on my screw of the game 3. Maybe it was better this way, as i was a better player with the deck and hi might need that win.


Round 2: UB Control

G1 i drew a lot of lands…12 i believe and he had every answer he could possibly have. He was at 1 life for about 4 turns and i drew lands.
G2 i make a mistake, with 2 sword of feast an famine on board, and get mindtricked that i would lose the next turn. I leave him at 1 life, and extend the hand.

At this time i’m 0-2, like my friend with the solar flare as he was land flooded both games. The naya pod friend was 2-0 and working well. I get no hopes on getting the top8, so i start looking for players to trade that playmat

Round 3: BYE

I get the bye. In the WER the tiebreakers are computed differently and bye gives you better ties.


Round 4: MonoBlack Zombies

G1 Crush him with many creatures. I drew/searched 4 Blade splicers and they worked perfectly.
G2. He manages to have 3 Geralf’s Messenger and 1 metamorph copying one of them and a phyrexian obliterator. I manage to have 4 golems, and another 5-8 creatures (small ones).I am at 5, he is at 13. He attackes with the messengers (they had counters) and the metamorph messenger (without counter) and i block and kill all, and he return the metamorph as an obliterator.
I pod into a sunt titan on my turn, returning blade splicer.
He attacks next turn with both obliterators and i block 6 dmg, sacrificing 5 permanents (lands and some splicers).
i pod the sun titan into Elesh norn, and i attack with 3 golems and kill him.

Round 5: Angelic Humans

G1 i kill him very fast with sterangleroot geists. Really fast.
G2 i have a good start, but he playes nothing and i believe he is holding a day of judgement, so i slow roll that and keep aonly few creatures on table. i was wrong and he slaps me with a Angelic destined Hero of bladehold.
I manege to get that under an Oblivion ring, and trade soem more blows, and i get to 5 life, but he does nothing on hist turn nad i land an elesh norn and kill him. I was told he had another destiny in hand and he did not play it, because he thought i will be at 1 life after.
At this moment i got the best ties, and get in the 7th spot as two players with 9 points will get in.

Quarters: Swords Delver

He is the guy that defeated my friend that played the same deck as i was, but i was quite confident in winning this.
G1: I play 2 birds of paradise, and i have gavony, and pump them and keep the race on. He plays a Geist of Saint traft but i have a metamoprh and the birds win the game.
G2: he never gets it going as he was flooded, while i have plenthy of action and a huntmaster seals the deal.

Semis: Naya pod

My frind and i meet again, but this time i was prepared.
G1: i keep a hand with 3 accelerators and he doesnt have those. I kill him quite fast as i also get a birthing pod.
G2: i side very differently of him, knowing that he will think i keep the strategy discussed at home. That pays of, and he is stuck with different unusable cards in hand and i win the match.

Finals: Kibler Ramp

We split, because i wanted the playmat so much. He gets the win.

On this matchup, even if he has slagstorms and whipflare, i dont think that i am overwhelmed, but the deck is just faster. It can go a long distance and avoids the deadfalls of ramp, like flooding when no responses are found. The deck must be played as fast as possible, much like a tempo deck.

AS judge issues, we did not have many, just a few decklists problems, and some minor penalties in rest.