I was tinkering how to break the Mitotic Manipulation card. My first tries were awfully bad, and so i came out with this kind of build. It’s not competitive, but i believe it’s fun to play.

Mitotic Manipulation is at least a 3 mana ramp spell, as it hits at least a land.
Sometimes you might hit their jace, or at best it will hit a knight exemplar or stoneforge mystic.

Mitotic Knighs

Lands (24)
Arid Mesa
Celestial Colonnade
Glacial Fortress
Seachrome Coast
Tectonic Edge

Creatures (24)
Student of Warfare
Accorder Paladin
Stoneforge Mystic
Knight Exemplar
Mirran Crusader
Hero of Bladehold

Spells (13)
Journey to Nowhere
Mitotic Manipulation
Sword of Body and Mind
Sword of Feast and Famine
Sword of Vengeance
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Sideboard: (15)
Celestial Purge
Divine Offering
Into the Roil
Jace Beleren
Baneslayer Angel
Gideon Jura

4 Hero of Bladehold might seem to many, but it is a must deal with card or it will trump you. It also allows you to get some damage by Gideon, as the tokens are not affected by the ‘must attack gideon’ clause. They can hit the Jace hiding behind the white planeswalker. Manipulation is not a requirement, as the cand can function as a midrange aggro deck, fueling knights turn after turn.

Other card to consider : Oust, other equipment : Mortarpod, Bonehoard, Basilisk Collar, pseudo-removal : Into the Roil, Silence or card draw : jace’s ingenuity as the first turns are busy planting knights, Preordain.

Share you thoughts and any suggestions to improve.