I wanted to present my report for the MBS Gameday.

I was preparing my deck for a week, and i knew i did not want caw-go, as the players will come prepared for it. This happened, and the result was that only 2 caw-go were present, and a UWB caw-go. The metagame was consisted of : 4 UWx caw-go variants (mine included, although is an anti-caw), 3 BR Vampires, Monored, quests (ww and GW), Tezz, RG pump Infect, Monoblack Vat.

Top8 was consisted of (after the swiss portion, 5 rounds):


1st. Valakut (3-0-2)

2nd. UWB caw-go (3-0-2)

3rd. BR Vamps (3-0-2)

4th. RG Pump Infect (3-1-1)

5th. UW Caw-Go (3-1-1)

6th. UW Toolbox (3-1-1)

7th. BR Vamps (3-2-0)

8th. UR Control (3-2-0)

I opted for a Toolbox UW that fares well against aggro and beats control (at least this was the purpose). The deck is a Equipment focused aggro strategy, without overseeing the control elements. This deck was featured on brainburst.com by Craig Wescoe.
The deck :

Chaingun Hawk Toolbox

Creatures (15)
Mirran Crusader
Squadron Hawk
Stoneforge Mystic
Student of Warfare

Spells (21)
Basilisk Collar
Divine Offering
Mana Leak
Spell Pierce
Sword of Feast and Famine
Sword of Vengeance
Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Lands (25)
Arid Mesa
Celestial Colonnade
Glacial Fortress
Scalding Tarn
Seachrome Coast
Tectonic Edge
Sideboard (15)
Celestial Purge
Divine Offering
Revoke Existence
Journey to Nowhere
Ratchet Bomb
Sword of Feast and Famine

I picked up this deck a day before the tourney, and in the morning i was still building its sideboard. I wanted so hard to put Hero of bladehold in it, but ailed to find a slot (even in side), and the same happened to Elspeth Tirel. Those 2 ideas, would have won me the finals if they would have been applied.

The matches:


Round 1: Mono Red Kuldotha

G1 : i lose. He draws gas and overwhelms me.
G2 : Triple Goblin Guides means that i lose very fast. Guides gave me 5 lands. i did not draw a single ratchet bomb. I drew 2 journeys but still not enough.
SB was : +4 journey, +4 ratchet, +1 Divine Offering / -3 Jace, the MindSculptor, -3 Mana Leak, -3 Spell Pierce.

Round 2: WW Quest

Easy matchup from my POV, as i know that deck very well.
G1 (on the play) : I have T1 spell pierce for his quest, and then curve exceptionally well to Stoneforge Mystic into Mortarpod, Hawk,Stoneforge Mystic into Sword of Feast and Famine.
G2 (on the draw) : he has T1 quest, but fails on the creatures. I play T2 Mystic into Mortarpod, then Crusader, then Hawk, and keep him without creatures. At t6, i play jace and keep him without creatures to be equipped while a am attacking with hawks and Crusader. At some point he kills jace, but i have another.

Round 3: GW Quest

I know the deck, but i am unsure of it.
G1: (on the draw). I win on th eback of 2 mirran crusader‘s. I had one in starting hand, then i preordain, and set me another. With all his creatures a t5 Mystic for a Sword of Feast and Famine sealed the match.
G2: (on the draw). we build board positions, but he drops a T5 baneslayer angel, and i do not draw jace, Journey to Nowhere or Stoneforge mystic to fetch my Basilisk Collar (sidenote: while i am wearing the collar i look really scary :P).
Side was : +4 journey, +1 Divine Offering, +1 Ratchet Bomb / -3 mana leak, -3 spell pierce
G3(on the play): I curve well, T1 student, T2 Mystic, T3 crusader. I manage to have a board with 2 hawks, student (2 levels), crusader. He attack at some point with 3 vengevines, but i kept the hawks in defense and i take the match (it was round 3 after time was called). I opted to go more aggressive than to play control, because we were short on time.

Round 4: MonoGreen Eldrazi Ramp.

G1: i win on pure aggressiveness on th eback of mirran crusader.
G2: he gets me by drawing multiple ratchet bombs, and tumble magnet‘s.
Side : +4 journey / -2 Divine offering, – 1 bonehoarder , -1 jace
G3: we play control (he has tumble and ratchets), while i try to get in. He then finds out that he needs to go for some personal issues, and concedes.

Round 5: UW caw-go

i am at 3-1-0 so i draw will get me into top8, and so is he. We ID. He will proceed and beat me in the Finals.
We start a short game, and i beat pretty hard to his land screw.

So after a short break we are at the t8.

Quarters: BR Vamps

G1: game is good for me, i curve well, and he doesn’t. I take the game quite easy on the back of 2 mirran crusaders, while he does not draw bolts.
G2: he gets a good start, while i try to get to stabilize. I stabilize at 4 life, with Jace, crusader, mystic and some equipments (mortarpod basically). i used to bounce his creatures and keep as few attackers as possible. I drew a lucky Celestial purge to his hasted Bloodghast while i was at 2 life. 1 turn away from jace ultimate, he concedes. His hand was 1 card. Land. Over the course of the second game, i managed to kill about 5-6 creatures, and 2 lavaclaw reaches. Fatesealed hexmages and bolts away.

Semis: BR Vamps against a better trained player with that deck.

G1 (on the play): He gets a pulse tracker, i then mana leak his t2 Viscera seer, and i play mystic fetching Mortarpod. He then proceeds to play 2 gatekeepers and 2 viscera seers, killing my student and hawks. I still have a board of 1 mystic and Mortarpod and basilisk collar. He attacks and i block at a gatekeeper, which he sac’s, and i sac put mystic into the cannon to fire off another gatekeeper. He is left with nothing besides seers. I stabilize at 4 life, and he is holding an arc trail. I play Hawks, and get back in the game. Mirran crusader came to finish him after he played arc trail to put me at 2.
G2: I never get it going, but he made so many mistakes that costs him the game. At one point he attacked with kalastria highborn, viscera seer and pulse tracker into my lone Mystic with 2 mana open. After blockers, i flashed in mortarpod to kill kalastria. I later found out that he was holding a Lightning Bolt. This mistake kinda broke his game, but i was drawing lands and nothing else, but kept attacking with a sworded collonade. I managed to win that game, when i was convinced i will lose, but his mistakes were greater than my poor draw.

Finals: UW Caw-go from round 5.

G1: I make a crucial tapping/play mistake that locks me out of the game.
G2: I am motivated not to make mistakes, and i kill him quite fast with equipped creatures, after journeying his mystics/hawk for clear path. I also had the spell pierce and leaks for his Day of Judgments.
G3: I side out the Bonehoarde as i believe it will not take long (based on the previous game).
I made a mistake, and the game lasted a lot, and he drew 3-4 jaces, and all of his 3 gideons. I was keeping a chain-hawk-pod to keep his creatures dead (Baneslayer angel, Sun Titan). I killed his equipments a swell, and we traded tectonics and collonades.
However i still had some students and crusaders, and jace in deck, but did not drew it. My last mystic was blank (i wish i had not sided bonehoarder out) as i had Sword of vengeance on the table. My mistakes and his Gideons won him the gameday. Good game.
Side: +1 Divine offering, +4 journey, +1 SoaF / -1 Bonehoarder, 1 Student, -1 Jace, -1 Crusader;


I really enjoyed playing this deck, and for the first time with it, i am clearly satisfied. I still believe the UW Caw-go matchup is more than winnable.

The deck performs well against that filed, but it still has some gaps to fill.
Both vampires games i stabilized at 4,5 life. I need something better. Maybe Gravitational Shift.
Also the Gideon Jura must be answered. Still tinkering about that.

Deck name Change to :   Chaingun Hawk ToolBox