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MTG decks : Mitotic Knights


I was tinkering how to break the Mitotic Manipulation card. My first tries were awfully bad, and so i came out with this kind of build. It’s not competitive, but i believe it’s fun to play.

Mitotic Manipulation is at least a 3 mana ramp spell, as it hits at least a land.
Sometimes you might hit their jace, or at best it will hit a knight exemplar or stoneforge mystic.

MBS Gameday report


I wanted to present my report for the MBS Gameday.

I was preparing my deck for a week, and i knew i did not want caw-go, as the players will come prepared for it. This happened, and the result was that only 2 caw-go were present, and a UWB caw-go. The metagame was consisted of : 4 UWx caw-go variants (mine included, although is an anti-caw), 3 BR Vampires, Monored, quests (ww and GW), Tezz, RG pump Infect, Monoblack Vat.

Top8 was consisted of (after the swiss portion, 5 rounds):


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