As i started in the first part with the core, second part with Zendikar and third part (WWK/RoE) i will continue with the Scars of Mirrodin fellow planewalkers.

The new planeswalker found in this metallic world are : Elspeth Tirel, Koth of the Hammer, Venser, the Sojourner.

Elspeth Tirel

The ascended Elspeth is a versatile planeswalker, even thought it is not as powerfull as her previous version. However she changed a little it’s own purpose become from a striker to a controller. Her first ability is good whenever you have several creatures on the board, to gain life and increase her loyalty by 2. Her second ability provides with a trio of soldiers, mostly used as blockers thus protecting her. This is also a 2 point ability, but a decremental one. She is starting at 4 loyalty, and thus using first ability puts her in range of her ultimate (-5), which can be devastating. Clearing board is very useful. Even with this power ultimate she is not a game finisher and it is found only in Wx decks that need help against aggro.

Koth of the Hammer

Koth is a powerful planeswalker, native to Mirrodin. He arises as a striker, and a good finisher. His untap ability makes him cost in fact just 3 mana (you must have 4 to play it), and provides an attacker (4/4). He is starting with 3 loyalty, and first ability increases it by 1.

i have never used the second ability, but it might become useful, now that a red sun’s zenith is at hand.

His ultimate is a good ultimate, that provides you with a steady flux of damage, and making the game end quickly. it is known that if a koth ultimate is out (emblem), games are over in about 2-3 turns.

His price recently got down because red decks opted him out, for a faster mini-creature kill. he is still a contender to several decks : UR JaceKoth, Big Red and other.

Venser, the Sojourner

Venser returns to us as planeswalker, after he was portrayed in MTG as a legendary creature.

He is a UW planeswalker, with the ability to blink out a permanent that his controller controls, and bring that back. This makes him a very good at dealing with EBT abilities, or with auras that need to enchant something different.

His second ability, is making him sometimes a silver bullet, because it makes your creatures unblockable for that turn, and thus providing the last points of damage to be inflicted.

His ultimate is really one of the best a control player can get. While a bit costly, it provides an exile effect for each of your spells when they are cast. Even so it has drawback, at you need a steady flow of spells, at least at the beginning, to exile most of the threats on table. He needs 2 full turn to reach his ultimate, and he needs protection.

I like him, and i used him in a variety of decks, from UW ascension, UWB midrange, allies.