As i started in the first part with the core, second part with Zendikar, i will continue with the Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi fellow planewalkers.

The last 2 sets of the zendikar block brings us some very powerful planeswalkers.

Wordwake : Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Rise of the Eldrazi : Gideon Jura, Sarkhan The Mad

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

The ascended jace, reveals itself as a very powerful planeswalker, able to alter other people minds.

This planeswalker quickly moved to the hot spot, being the most powerful planewalker ever released. It incorporates 4 abilities (the only one that has that many), each one of them very useful. The most used ability is the ‘brainstorm’ ability that allows to draw 3 cards and put 2 card back on top. This allows to find answers to anything. Combined with shuffle effects, it enables a very good card resource search. The increase loyalty ability is an ability that allows its controller to shut down decks, or keep them out of mana and keep them controlled. It is also a +2 increase which is quite high, allowing it to get out of burn range at the first use.

The -1 ability, is a versatile one, allowing to protect it, eliminate annoying opposing creatures, killing tokens, or enabling different come into play abilities of creatures you control.

Its ultimate is by far the most powerful ultimate of planewalkers, presenting itself as a win condition, even if it is at -12 cost. If made, this is a 99,9% won game.

Also this planeswalker made appearance, as expected, in the extended format, and is the second pw that appears in Vintage decks (the other is Tezzeret the seeker). Its absurd power makes him almost a must card in any blue deck. He makes you play blue. :d

Gideon Jura

As the moment it was spoiled Gideon, made his way into the UW decks as a must. He is a good PW that fulfills some roles. He protects the player, and later it can be a great attacker.

He has a big starting loyalty, and with his increase loyalty ability is going even higher. He proved himself a break of the mini aggro decks that rely on small creatures.
Also his second ability that allows to obliterate any tapped creature, it’s synergistic with the must attack ability.
Ultimate is used casually and as a finisher as most deck playing it have few creatures.

He plays well with Jace, protecting it, and allowing it to reach its ultimate undisturbed. He is a must in white control decks, and even some small agro deck employ its services so he makes the other side of the battlefield exhausted.

Sarkhan The Mad

Sarkhan should have been a better PW, but he was shadowed by the other PW in the block. However he still made appearance in the Jund decks, because his abilities are not something to overlook.

He is still left outside decks because he has no way to increase loyalty. However he has an ability to draw cards, and the secodn ability works very well with the ‘gain control effects’ that red mages employ. Gaining control of a creature, attacking with it, and then sacrificing it to Sarkhan ability, to receive a dragon is quite powerful combo. Its ultimate is not exceptional, because it requires that you have several dragons on table to be lethal.

However, i have seen decks that play it, to maintain board control ,and convert own creatures to dragons, like Bloodchief Ascension decks.

A good card overall.