We gathered at GamesStop for the GPT Sealed event. There were 8 men, as the bad weather kept most of the people inside.

I really like the Scars of Mirrodin limited, because it is a challenging format, and there are a lot of limited combos that require some skill to pull off. However the format it is defined by bombs.
As it happened to me lately in scars sealed, i knew i can get lucky.

we started opening the boosters, and i received a very good pool of cards. It had great consistency for Red, White, and a very strong artifact to support these colors. I had also a decent Infect pool. Even if i did not have many creatures for the other archetypes, i sticked to RW, improvised somehow, because it is also my favourited and, in my oppinion, the best all around strategy,

I opened godly bombs for limited. My rares were : Elspeth Tirel, Contagion Engine, Hoard-Smelter Dragon, Etched Champion, Painfull Quandary, Prototype Portal..

As i opened before, i knew i wanted elspeth and dragon into my deck, because, elspeth is a real powerhouse, and with contagion engine it will fuel soldiers round by round. Dragon is a real drop, as it kill anything that has a metallic shine.

But these would be bad without the best among uncommons and commons : Barrage Ogre, Galvanic Blasts, Oxidda scrapmelter, Contagion clasp, Razor hippogriff, Arc Trail, Revoke existence, and a handfull of equipments.

This is the list that worked magic :


Lands (16)

Rares (4)
Elspeth Tirel
Hoard-smelter Dragon
Etched Champion
Contagion Engine

Uncommons (10)
Infiltraion Lens
Trigon of Infestation
Trigon of Corruption
Auriok Edgewright
barrage Ogre
Oxidda Scrapmelter
Contagion clasp
Razor hippogriff
Arc Trail

Commons (12)
Leaden Myr
Copper Myr
Silver Myr
Glint Hawk
Strider Harness
Revoke Existence
Glint hawk idol
Bladed Pinions
Galvanic blast

Yes, It has 42 cards. I could not not to play the 2 trigons, while i do have the contagions.

I can say that with this list, i went 2-0, 2-0, 2-0. With the sheer power within this pool, few were able to put in some resistence.

There were some game turning points, as one can never draw all his needed cards, or can get mana screwed, but i maneged to walk away with the wins.
Notable game sitations :

R1 : RW – RB.
I had elspeth, and desperately trying to charge her up to blow the opps board, which consisted of several equipments, artifact life gaining, and a creature. He manges to get elspeth down, because i drew revoke and shatter exactly 1 turna later than needed. Even so, i had the dragon to seal off that match.
MVP’s : Artifact haters : Revoke Existence, Shatter, Oxiddda Scrapmelter

R2 : he never got things going. I drew very good, had dragon each time, or enough board pressure to win. He managed to get a goblin gavaler, put haste on it, and barbed battlegear and smashed for 10. He had an aurion sunchaser ready for the next turn, but this time i got the shatter in time to kill the haste equipment.
MVP’s : Dragon, because he likes me.

R3 : game 1 i had answers to anything he was putting on table ,and we traded some blows. at soem moment he put precurso golem, and i had galvanic blast with only 2 artifacts on table. i took some damage, expecting to draw an artifact, but the next turn he did not attacked, fearing something from me, and that allowed me to find the 3rd atifact, to clear the board (it was a mana myr).
game 2, it was a a little different as he came a little faster, and i was stranded on white mana, with dragon and barrage ogre in hand. i ended winning this game with a single mountain, and only 1 red spell cast (Galvanic Blast). The rest was made possible by a contagion engine powered Elspeth.
MVP : Metalcrafted Galvanic Blast (G1), Contagion Engined Elspeth (G2).