As i started in the first part with the core, i will continue with the zendikar fellow planewalkers.
Zendikar brought us 2 new planeswalkers and an ascended one.: Chandra Ablaze, Nissa Revane, Sorin Markov


Chandra Ablaze

The new Chandra was some sort of gambling that did not work well. She has not found any home in any deck, partly due to her big cost for a red deck, and also for her abilities at that mana cost.
However in an EDH deck she is quite an MVP, her first ability being very good at taking most of the creatures, and also many generals. The second ability is even better for a red mage that looks to empty hand very quickly, while taking some cards from an opponent’s hand. I have never seen her ultimate pop. At any case in standard environment this PW is lacking something and it will never be competitive.

Nissa Revane

Nissa, the patron of the elves, summoned on the plane of Zendikar to aid against the dreaded eldrazi, is an exceptional PW. She found her home in the Elf decks, that have the power to dominate and swarm the opponent.
Her ability to find her worshippers (at the beggining with nissa’s chosen‘s), also maintaining the life total higher and higher with each elf on the battlefield. This generates card advantage as a creature is put into the battlefield on each turn. The synergy with Eldrazi Monument is awesome, as keeping at least the same number of creatures on board while attacking.
Her ultimate is rarely used, as the games are mostly over when that ability can be performed.

But besides elf decks, her dedication to them, made her inappropriate to be used in other decks.

Sorin Markov

Sorin is one of the oldest PW alive. His abilities reflect ones of a vampire although it seems he is not one. The first ability, drain life, is keeping controller with a flow of life, while he is killing a creature, and it increases his loyalty. In this way he is growing his powers.
Second ability is setting of life, so the mage that uses him can concentrate on other matters, until it can kill the opponent in one swing.
His ultimate is the vampiric power of domination. Eons of life have been teaching him the understanding of mages’ minds, so he can dominate them. With that , he can be quite devastating.
However, because of his high cost, he is played only in the mostly black decks, and very few times in copies more than 1. He is still a bomb for the unprepared. If his cost was lesser( 5cc or 4cc) it will have been a full 4-of (at 4cc), as he is a useful tool to have.