When i first stumbled upon this deck, i was impressed. I always loved the combo decks, but this one mesmerized me by its simplicity. However the gaming decision are not that simple as they seem. There are some very hard decision to make when playing this deck, depending of the gamestate or opponent.

I had mixed result with it, and finally dropped it out of favor. Even if i played 20 lands, and sometimes sided 1 land out, i was mana flooded. I never kept a land with more than 3 lands, but latest the game of Magic hates me.

This is the list i have played:

Tiny man holding big guns

Main Deck (61)
Arid Mesa
Marsh Flats
15 Plains
Glint Hawk
Kor Duelist
Quest for the Holy Relic
Student of Warfare
Kor Outfitter
Kor Skyfisher
Squadron Hawk
Stoneforge Mystic
Sword of Body and Mind
Argentum Armor
Sideboard: (15)
Brave the Elements
Celestial Purge
Kor Firewalker
Luminarch Ascension

I started with Gideon and linvalla in place of the silence but proved that i want to cast something witl lower mana cost and maybe a better protection to my combo.
Anyway the result are very mixed, most wins happening the usual route, and most losses were suffered on the back of mana flood. I don’t recall a single game where i was mana screwed.
Student of warfare were put in there because i wanted another 1 drop creature.
Also i use only 3 copies of Outfitter, because it is useful only when having an Argentum Armor on table, and mostly by that time the game was almost over.