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MTG Discussion : Standard : Planeswalkers, emblems, tips. Part 3: Worldwake & Rise of the Eldrazi


As i started in the first part with the core, second part with Zendikar, i will continue with the Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi fellow planewalkers.

The last 2 sets of the zendikar block brings us some very powerful planeswalkers.

Wordwake : Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Rise of the Eldrazi : Gideon Jura, Sarkhan The Mad


Metal Review / Videos v6


Presenting In this moment

Current members
  • Maria Brink – lead vocals, piano (2005-present)
  • Chris Howorth – lead guitar, backing vocals (2005-present)
  • Blake Bunzel – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2005-present)
  • Jeff Fabb – drums (2005-present)
  • Travis Johnson – bass (2010-present)
  • (more…)

MTG: A Sealed SOM Report 2011-01-22 (GPT)


We gathered at GamesStop for the GPT Sealed event. There were 8 men, as the bad weather kept most of the people inside.

I really like the Scars of Mirrodin limited, because it is a challenging format, and there are a lot of limited combos that require some skill to pull off. However the format it is defined by bombs.
As it happened to me lately in scars sealed, i knew i can get lucky.


MTG Discussion : Standard : Planeswalkers, emblems, tips. Part 2: Zendikar


As i started in the first part with the core, i will continue with the zendikar fellow planewalkers.
Zendikar brought us 2 new planeswalkers and an ascended one.: Chandra Ablaze, Nissa Revane, Sorin Markov





Browsing through youtube’s videos, i stumbled upon this classic band:

R-EDH/C-Group : Workshops 8 ian 2010


Romanian EDH/Commander Group will hold a EDH/Commander Workshop on 8.ian.2010.
This is for the new players to understand the format, to build better decks, and gain insight of the techs in EDH Format.

The workshop will be held In Craiova, at Str. Brestei no.60, and is supported by Grim’s (Kalura Games).

The main discussion points will be: deck construction and strategy, gameplay decisions, deckbuilding sessions. Tis workshop will be held by Judge L1 Ti Chase and RA Adrian Teodorescu.

The workshop will begin at 12:00, and it will last until 20:00.

This is also a preparation meeting before the Craiova EDH Championship 3.

Decklists: BR BloodChief Ascension


Once in the world of Alara and Zendikar, i made this deck, and i won several fnm’s with it. It was quite fun to play, and it was faster than many other back in that format. The sole real opponent was the Jund. It also had a very low cost to build.

As with the new standard environment, Alara is out and Scars is in.
The biggest loss is of course blightning.

But i still do like the synergies in this deck and made a new version out of it :

MTG Discussion : Standard : Planeswalkers, emblems, tips. Part 1: Core


I wanted to discuss some of the planeswalkers in current standard environment and their added value to the decks.
At this moment there are 14 planeswalkers available for standard :
Core(M2010) : Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Nalaar, Garruk Wildspeaker, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess
Zendikar : Chandra Ablaze, Nissa Revane, Sorin Markov
Wordwake : Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Rise of the Eldrazi : Gideon Jura, Sarkhan The Mad
Scars of Mirrodin: Elspeth Tirel, Koth of the Hammer, Venser, the Sojourner

Will discuss the Core Planewalkers in this article.


Decklists : WW Quest


When i first stumbled upon this deck, i was impressed. I always loved the combo decks, but this one mesmerized me by its simplicity. However the gaming decision are not that simple as they seem. There are some very hard decision to make when playing this deck, depending of the gamestate or opponent.

I had mixed result with it, and finally dropped it out of favor. Even if i played 20 lands, and sometimes sided 1 land out, i was mana flooded. I never kept a land with more than 3 lands, but latest the game of Magic hates me.

This is the list i have played:

Decklists : Brilliant Ultimatum – ex-Standard and new Extended.


I personally liked this deck. It suited my playing style quite good. Using a control-combo deck that can win in style, while it clears the path.

Build up mana and use brilliant, try to find emrakul or another win con (Iona, Nicol Bolas). Time warp is there to ensure another land drop faster. Also Pathing your wall is very good to ensure another land drop, thus fastening the process.
This is the deck that i played for some time during last standard, before rotation (Alara and Zen).


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