For teh first verion of the deck :UW proliferate v1.

After some testing i discovered the deck lacks something, mostly agains aggro. So  i had to change it a bit.

So the main combo is consisted of luminarch ascension and contagion clasp. Although clasp interacts very good with planeswalkers, they are features as a sub-theme here

UW Proliferate

Main Deck: (61)
Arid Mesa
Celestial Colonnade
Glacial Fortress
Scalding Tarn
Seachrome Coast
Tectonic Edge
Everflowing Chalice
Contagion Clasp
Luminarch Ascension
Mana Leak
Wall of Omens
Day of Judgment
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Gideon Jura
Venser, the Sojourner
Sun Titan
Sideboard: (15)
Into the Roil
Revoke Existence
Jace Beleren
Day of Judgment
Baneslayer Angel

Card Choices :

Planeswalkers : i found that 3 Gideon Jura is a big need to protect agains incoming swarm. Also 3 jace TMS. I also put 2 Venser, the sojourner, as using it with clasp to proliferate several time a turn makes it insane.

Removal: Upped the count for Day of Judgment to 3, to keep with incoming.

Counterspell : added 2 Cancel at it need to stay in foot with other control decks

SB:  Jace Beleren moved to SB. Also Baneslayer Angels, that come in matches where is needed increase p/t on the table, and mostly when opponents get their removal out.

Tested agains Green elves with great success. The added doj, and gideon proved themselves excelent, until the luminarch was critical. The problem was the eldrazi monument, but if you catch that with counterpspell, or keep getting gideons on table and race them with luminarch tokens. Also in the maybeboard contagion engine is a possibility.

Against monored (big) it happened to have split matches before sideboard, and i would have an increased chance after.

Vampires still go untested.

UB is in testing as this moment. will post results later.