As of 13 november Craiova EDH Championship #2 has finished.
Althought the attendance was lower that #1 (despite increase of prizes), this was due to many players having personal duties or could not attend. This is quite acceptable as all the player are local. We are looking forward in welcoming players from other regions as well.

One thing is for sure. Prizes are going to increase from one version to another. (This is a almost free tourney, prizes supported by organizer, judge, and anyone wanting to donate). As for 8 players with no fee, there were 30-40 Foil Cards, 3 boosters, and Special Prizes (Day of Judgment, nightmare, Mind Shatter, Protean Hydra, Magebane Armor, and others).

This tourney could be remembered as the tourney were monocolor decks were most proficient.
At Craiova EDH #1, there were about 5-6 Multicolor deck (3-color shards, 5 color, and few 2 colors), out of 14 players, meaning about 45% of the field
At Craiova EDH #2 there were 3 multicolor decks (Jenara, Teneb, and RB Wort). Averaged at 37%.

Another difference is that Only 1 multicolor deck made Top4, where at #1 there were 2.

As promised, the Top4 was played with a different twist of the game, using the Archenemy schemes, each player using 1 of them on their turn. The games were also played 2 out of 3.

We’ve seen great plays, lots of interactions, lots of turnovers and.

We will be hosting Craiova EDH #3 in late January or early February.

Top Decklists will be posted shortly.