Although late, i found time to write my report of GS Championship 2010.

I predicted that the format will overwhelmed by Control decks, so i chose to play a Blue-Black Control with some changes.
The deck i played :

Lands (25)
Creeping Tar Pit
Darkslick Shores
Drowned Catacomb
Tectonic Edge

Removal/Filtering/Card Draw (17)
Doom Blade
Consuming Vapors
Into the Roil
Inquisition of Kozilek
Jace’s Ingenuity

Countermagic (10)
Mana Leak
Stoic Rebuttal
Mindbreak Trap

PWS (6)
Jace Beleren
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Sorin Markov

Creatures (3)
Grave Titan
Sphinx of Jwar Isle
Sideboard: (15)
Spell Pierce
Ratchet Bomb
Consume the Meek

I wanted some more control, and counters, but not to lose focus on aggro decks.

Card Choices :

  • Mindbreak trap for Eldrazi green, and Gaea’s Revenge and other annoying threats.
  • Singletons Stoic rebuttal, Cancel, Deprive are uset to have another give the feeling of a deeper counter threat of this deck, as the opponenet would not know how many of them you are playing
  • Removals : 1 disfigure for Guide, mana dorks, ww quest dorks. Doom blade for the rest. 1 Vapours to bigger threats. Into the roil for everything else
  • Card Advantage : 4 jace’s Ingenuity seems too many. Preordain to filter. 2/3 Jace as to win the Jace Wars
  • Other Threats : Grave Titan, Sphinx of Jwar Isle and Sorin Markov. I wanted to have a diversity of threats (and more than 2), as many decks do not have answers to all of them. MVP was Sphinx of Jwar Isle, but i would not play more than 2.

Sideboard Choices

  • Consume the meek : elves/ww quest/boros
  • Ratchet bomb : elves/ww quest/boros/grave titan/ other low CC threats
  • Counters : agains UW/UB that are packed with lots of counters, especially the UB 13 counter deck
  • Smother/Disfigure : elves/ww quest/ creeping tar pits/boros/various aggro decks


Round 1 : Robert Mares : WR Boros

Match 1 he wrecks me with a very good and constant threat count.

Sb : i side in disfigures/smother/consume the meek and side out 2 sphinx, 3mindbreak trap, 1 Sorin.

Match 2, i get enough removal to keep the board clear, when i land the Titan.

Match 3, he gets mana screwed, while i had an active Jace2.0, and a hand of 2 counters and 2 removals.

Round 2: Andrei Brad : Eldrazi Elves

Match 1 i win solely on my threats and countermagic, and he was out of the game by not drawing enough guys.

Sideboard : Disfigure/smother/consume the meek/ratchet bomb  and sb-ed out 2sphinks , 1 sorin, 2 mindbreak traps, 2 baby jace.

Match 2: i make a crucial mistake of not computing well the garruk overrun and lose horribly.

Match 3 : i won, because i filtered all removal into my hand, and he ran out of threats, while i put a jace2.0 on table.

Round 3: Vlad Osiac : WW Quest

Well another aggro. (we got deckcheck and extension)

Match 1 he gest t2 or t3 armor and i cannot do anything

Match 2: i followed the same sb plan, adding removals and ratchet bombs. Long game, but i won with Jace2.0

Match 3. This was a one sided game, as T4 i swept 2 quests and soem creatures with Ratchet, and at th eend of T5 the talbe looked on my side: 5 lands untapped, jace at 7, and me holding :1 into the roil, 2 disfigure, 1 doom blade. His table was 4-5 lands.

Round 4 : Alex Stefanescu : Trinket mage UB toolbox (elixir)

We drew and never played.

Round 5 : Dragos patlageanu : UW Control with Oust

We drew.

We played 2 games before we decided to stop, he won the first, i won the second on Sphinx, and surely the last as my countermagic it was better than his.

That put me at 11 points, and in the first place of constructed part of the tourney.

At draft i worked horribly, as i drafted a URW myr deck, but going 1-2, as the third game i was screwed or flooded (first game i had threats but not enough land, second game i drew 8 lands in 12 cards).My opp played Cerebral eruption wiping my table in both games.

As ending conclusion, i would not change the deck very much, i quite consistent, and does well against aggro match-ups. It only has some problems with the UB13 counters deck, but if u counter the threats sphinx’s u win. Baby jace helps you win the jace wars, so the match could go in your favour). The UB trinket mage is winnable as it play fewer countermagic, and if he cannot resolve an elixir it cannot recur threats. The Tar Pits are mvp’s in this match-ups.