New deck to test during the next week.
For now testing this has proven quite successfull.

Matchups :
2-1 R kuldotha Goblins
2-0 monoR, Big R
2-0 UR Titan force
0-2 UW control
0-1 Titan Valakut


Lands: (27)
Celestial Colonnade
Creeping Tar Pit
Darkslick Shores
Drowned Catacomb
Glacial Fortress
Marsh Flats
Seachrome Coast
Tectonic Edge
Terramorphic expanse

Spells: (14)
Doom Blade
Grasp of Darkness
Day of Judgment
Jace’s Ingenuity

Artifacts (3)
Mimic Vat
Sword of Body and Mind

Creatures: (10)
Vampire Hexmage
Grave Titan
Sun Titan
Baneslayer Angel
Cadaver Imp

Planeswalkers: (7)
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Elspeth Tirel
Liliana Vess
Sideboard: (15)
Inquisition of Kozilek
Celestial Purge
Ratchet Bomb
Jace Beleren
Consume the Meek

Added 1 Terramorphic Expanse (needed an extra fetch for anything)
Removed 1 Nim Deathmantle (although it sounds cool with recursion, as my meta is quite aggro, it is useless)

MonoRed matchups

Tested some more against different MonoRed builds.

Pre sideboard i had a 60-65% win, and post board 70-75%.

Pre board is crucial that stalling with all spot removals (6), mass removal (3). hexmage looks good against koth. A T4 koth, with an attacking mountain grasped, and a next turn hexmage, will almost cripple big red.
Post boatd : +4 Inquisition, +2 Celestiam purge, +2 Smother, +3 ratchet bomb(depends, sometimes is slow).
Out : -2 Lilian vess, -1 sword of body and mind, -2 mimic vat, -1 jace’s ingenuity, -2 Doj.
Added spot removal, and geting high cost out of the deck improves the chances, and damage that red does.
Inquisition hits most of their creatures (not big red) or their removal along with duress, and could be considered as spot removal.

UW Control

Pre : quite low (30-40%)
Post board (<60%)
In : 4 Inquisition,+2 jace beleren, +3 ratchet bomb (if they use spreading seas, journey, or chalice)
Out : 1 Jace’s ingenuity, 1 condemn, 2 grasp of darkness,2 Elspeth Tirel
Inquisition hits the counters, and other removals. (into the roil, journey). Duress hits counters, jace, Doj.
If you stick a Liliana ,the match is almost won. They must hit it, or lose many cards, or get u the cards : tectonic edge if the have early colonnades, doom blades, for angel and titan, hexmage for gideon/elspeth/jace, jace for jace.
Depends a lot on the draw. Also sometimes if you stick a Mimic Vat, Jsut get the artifact removal from their deck, as mimic will copy titans, angels, hexmages, and it will win the game for you.