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EDH Watchlist: Declaration of Naught Discussion


Declaration of Naught si currently unbanned.

Post pros and cons for it.


Black Angel.jpg_thumb

Black angel


Your tongue taste like strychnine
And your long hair is torn
The fancy wings are broken
And a black star is born



Craiova EDH Foiled Championship


We are starting a series of MTG tourneys with a specific format.

The tourneys will take place in Craiova, at a specified location as Stronhold or Pro Deo Church.

Anger Management Solution


Came across this band, and remained stuck on this song. Althought i knew the band before (as it’s not new) i never really listened to their song.

Our love is like a perfect sky
Deep blue and the sun is shining
But it seems that sometimes
There have to be some clouds

And suddenly I feel this destructive anger
Deep inside
And suddenly I feel this destructive anger
Is about to rise



Air/Flex and PHP technology


I stumbled upon flex/air technology during work for a big french newspaper.
They needed a client app, for its reporters and editors, so they can edit those articles with some strict guidelines, and then send them to a server. Also they needed history.

Well, on normal basis, this can be doen fairly easy in PHP technology (or other web dev techs), by building a server app, putting an administration tool, and accessing it in web browser. Editors could use it very well, its a tested and proven concept.

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