Ok..as the title says….Aptana 3 beta is out.

As i worked with aptana for over 1 year and a half, i cand say that it’s the IDE that i’m most used to it, as it’s ease of doing thing and mostly the packages that do anything you want..is exceptional.

Lookign forward at what aptana 3 will bring.

As for me ,Aptana 2 features : CVS, SVN, (S)FTP, SSH, DB Integration (Quantum), JS validation and debug, PHP validation, and more.

so far in dev specs for Aptna 3 : Built-in terminal , GIT, deplyment wizard from Heroku (ftp and so on), Intgrated Debugger (ruby), more IDE customization, focus on RUBY platform; HTML, CSS and JS code assist

I do not seek ruby so far, but everyone seems to like it.

Wil lwait to see the impact.