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Projects: wp plugins


Started working on WP plugins.
Modifying them and started work on a new plugin, although it exists one already, but i wanted to be a little different.

will update and post it when it’s done.

now there are 3 plugins in development.



Blogwars reprezinta noul battlefield al bloggerilor.

Astfel scriind posturi saptamanale pe teme tehnologice ai sansa la anumite premii.

Dupa inrolare in Blogwars iei parte la campania de 10 saptamani de scris-o-war, fie ca jurat, fie precum un combatant.
Cu fiecare săptămână, câte un finalist va părăsi câmpul de luptă, iar cei rămași vor primi binemeritata soldă de luptă.
Astfel cu cat e mai bine scris, cu atat ramai mai mult in lupta.

Mai multe detalii : Despre blogwars
Inscriere : Inscriere

So : M-am înrolat în BLOGWARS!

PHP OOP: Magic Methods : __call


working on a project that needed to load different tools (about 6 of them and never all of them), and using many modules, by demand, i needed to make a consistent call method to be used by all methods or other callers, and not affecting other.

Solution was using magic method in an parent class. i was already using __construct/__destruct methods; but now i needed __call, and, by a consistent way of doing things, __set and __get, but these will be covered some other time.

Accessing SSL resources using cURL in PHP


I will start a series of php tutorials regarding webservices, security, web requests.

They are not in any order, but as i see them fit, and as they come into my mind.

At some moment in time i had a use to access a SSL service using cURL.

As i could not acomplish that, after a few tries, i found out that the error was of an invalid certificate.

Aptana 3 BETA is out

0 the title says….Aptana 3 beta is out.

As i worked with aptana for over 1 year and a half, i cand say that it’s the IDE that i’m most used to it, as it’s ease of doing thing and mostly the packages that do anything you exceptional.

Lookign forward at what aptana 3 will bring.

As for me ,Aptana 2 features : CVS, SVN, (S)FTP, SSH, DB Integration (Quantum), JS validation and debug, PHP validation, and more.

so far in dev specs for Aptna 3 : Built-in terminal , GIT, deplyment wizard from Heroku (ftp and so on), Intgrated Debugger (ruby), more IDE customization, focus on RUBY platform; HTML, CSS and JS code assist

I do not seek ruby so far, but everyone seems to like it.

Wil lwait to see the impact.

Reflections of pain and suffering


Love like you’ve never been hurt
And dance till dawn like you’ve just been born

Never played it safe
It’s a wicked game
Any hand, any call, I’m in

Designer issue


At last i found out that other ppl have issues with designers.

Great article about designers and favours asked to them.

never ask a designer for a favour…..source here

Do you have issues with designers ?

Principles of Lust – Enigma


Remembered an old song of Enigma.

“principles of Lust are easy to understand…… ”

Testez asap, sa vad dc si la altele tine figura :D.

Gothic videos 7.7.rev


Feature video :

Was a great prospect. Still waiting to be what they promised. (great gal though)

About Indica


Listening to Indica was a really nice feeling. Their sound is very pure and sincere. I don’t think i listened to a pure girl’s band that sounds so good.

They are promoted by nightwish frontman Tuomas. From the Nightwish website :

The paths of Nightwish and Finnish girl band Indica have crossed several times in the past three years. Indica have been a support act on two Nightwish tours and singer Jonsu is known to be the vocalist of Nightwish’s single Erämaan Viimeinen.

On June 25th, the band will release their first ever album in english Europe-wide through Nuclear Blast. A Way Away also marks the second release involving Tuomas Holopainen as producer. The first digital single, In Passing, is already available in all major online stores.

Indica Website

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